Nighttime Reminiscing 

Hello, World

It’s 2 AM again. See? I wasn’t lying when I said I stay up.

I’m very awake for no reason. I’m not sleepy, I just feel like doing something. So once again, here I am!

One thing I did not talk about in my previous post is my ability to daydream about the most random things, most of those happen to be memories. So I’ve decided to tell some of them, the ones from my childhood.

Now let’s be honest, I wasn’t the smartest kid. Now I wasn’t stupid, in fact I was a pretty smart and I did well in school, BUT I did make some questionable/strange choices. Here are a few!

1. The “Juice” Incident

The very first memory that floats to the front of my mind happened around the beginning of high school so I was fourteen years old. This makes the story even more embarrassing.

But one day I was home alone and I decided to go downstairs and grab a drink. I looked in the kitchen and saw a container full of some kind of liquid. I thought this liquid was juice. It was bright orange and looked like some kind of punch. It most definitely was NOT.

I had drunk a HUGE mouthful of dish soap.

In my defense, it was in a styrofoam cup AND for some reason there was a big boba straw sticking out of it. I have absolutely no idea why! As you can imagine, my day was pretty much ruined after that.

2. The Teacher’s Note

Alright, now we’re going back quite a few more years. Back to my first year of elementary school. So this time I think I have an excuse for being dumb.

I did something kind of dumb. Because of this, my teacher sent me home with a note.

I think everyone in my generation can understand how completely horrifying that was. I was SO scared of what my mom would say.

And of course, since I was a child, I lied. Horribly. I did the opposite of what I usually do after I get home and of course my mom saw right through me. I tried to stuff the note in my trash but she made me show it to her. I started bawling. I was sobbing nonstop and started blubbering for forgiveness. She could not get mad at me. In fact, she was cracking up and telling the entire family.

3. When I was bored…

And again, traveling back in time to between the ages of four and six. This was me just being silly.

One time my parents were out and I was dropped off at my grandparents’ house. All was well until my grandma had to go out.

Big mistake on her part.

Being alone with grandpa was fun. He gave me candy, let me watch as much TV as I wanted, and basically let me have complete reign over the house. Then he fell asleep.

At this point, I had gotten bored of TV and wandered off. I found this little ink stamp. By the time my grandma came home, I had managed to cover my ENTIRE body in blue “thumbs up” stamps. I mean that completely literally. I swear I’m not exaggerating. My face, arms, legs, tummy and everywhere else was completely blue.

Many pictures were taken.

I think that’s good enough for now…

Um… If you for some reason like this and want to read more about me and my life then tweet me @quill_ptp or comment below and I’ll really appreciate it.

My question to you tonight is do you have any weird childhood stories? Feel free to comment them!

Good night, World!

Quill, signing out x

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