My Demon House

Hello, World!

Hey look, it’s not the ungodly hours of the morning this time!

Straight to the point: I experience the paranormal.

Now you can choose to agree or disagree on the topic and whether ghosts, spirits, demons and the like  even exist. I happen to believe that those things are real.  If you don’t, then feel free to dismiss what I’m writing or even stop reading.

To those of you who are still reading, I have had multiple experiences with spirits. Now you might be wondering, “Quill, why are you talking about ghosts? Halloween was two weeks ago.” I guess I just can’t let go of the Halloween season. Earlier today I decided to let a bunch of horror movies play, which of course made me think about my life.

My old house in particular.

Quick context, I was about eight or nine years old during the third grade of elementary school and my family had moved into a new house. A pretty plain one story in a roundabout neighborhood.

The first thing I noticed when I got inside was that something felt off. Something felt not quite right, but I was too excited to choose my new room to care.

For the first couple days everything was mostly fine but for this strange chill I had. I ignored it. However, about a week after we moved in, that strange chill intensified. During the day, I felt mildly uncomfortable and I could not stay still. I paced around, trying to keep myself busy. But late that night I woke up and in my doorway I saw the distinct outline of a tall, thin human figure. It stood just outside my room and  looked like a darker shadow against the blackness of the hallway. I couldn’t look away or even blink. I must have passed out again at some point because the next thing I knew I was waking up the next morning.

That was not the first time it happened. That continued every few nights along with the weird feelings of uneasiness.

Not too long after the strange shadow appeared I once again woke up in the middle of the night and this time I realized that the shadow was now in the center of my room, only a few feet from the side of my bed. Once again I didn’t move, blink, or breathe too loudly and once again I ended up falling unconscious without even knowing it. And again the shadow visited, this time, night after night for several weeks. Sometimes it would simply stand there but sometimes it would move what must have been its arms, drawing something in the air. I was never able to make out what it was.

And as uneasy as I was, I never said anything to anyone. I was scared and desperate for morning to come and sunlight to make me feel at least a little bit safer.

After a while, this thing kicked it up a level.

This night, when I woke up facing the doorway, there was nothing visible. But unlike the other times I couldn’t move. Before, I stayed still out of sheer willpower but I could have moved if I wanted to. I was physically unable to take control of my own body. I was on my stomach, my face half pressed into my pillow, and my heart pounding in my chest. I could hardly breathe even as I pulled as much air into my lungs as possible. It felt as though something was both magnetically pulling me into my bed and something was pushing me from the back of my head and the top of my back. This lasted for such a long time without me falling asleep, I saw sunlight starting to show through my curtains. By that time, the pressure was starting to lessen and eventually fell asleep.

Even after that, I could not tell anyone. No one else had felt anything (yet) and I doubted that my family would believe me.

The next few nights were quiet. I didn’t wake up or see the shadow or even feel any kind of presence.

Just under a week later, I woke up again and this time the presence was overwhelming. It felt as though I was being choked. Facing the wall, on my side, something started turning my head to the other side of the bed. And honestly, unless you’re someone who’s experienced this, I can’t fully describe it. But imagine being stock still but having something forcibly gripping your face and making you turn against your will.

At this point, I started screaming at the top of my lungs.

My parents rushed in and the pressure disappeared leaving me in tears. I told them what happened and what I’d experienced since we moved in. As you can imagine, they didn’t know how to take this. Instead they left my light and the hallway light on.

Once again, my nights were quiet for a while but it wasn’t the end of all the strange things that happened in that house. Maybe I’ll revisit this story another day but it’s gotten fairly dark since I started writing this and it’s very quiet now so I think I’m done.

What about you, do you believe in the paranormal? If you do, have you ever had some kind of strange experience that you aren’t able to explain? Leave a comment letting me know!

Good night, World!

Quill, signing out x

P.S. I started this around 8:30 PM and it’s currently 1:13 AM… That’s how long it took me to write this but to be fair I got really distracted. I don’t have the greatest attention span but I try.


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