Getting Away…

Hello, World

Sometimes life doesn’t go the way you want it to. Sometimes it isn’t fun. And sometimes it’s easier to escape than face reality.

For me, these moments are induced by a whole series of events. Sometimes the smallest accident can set it off. Stubbing a toe, dropping a glass of water. Then come the days where people unknowingly add to that. With all the yelling and insults and put downs, it all turns into a downward spiral pretty quickly.

And somewhere along the line you just want to get out.

If you’re anything like me, then first of all, I’m sorry. But then I think you might understand this need. A need to hide in a faraway place but unable to actually go anywhere.

But then you find a book or a movie or a show. You find this universe and lose yourself in a story. You’re able to relate to the characters. Sympathize with them, feel what they feel, and become so attached that you’re able to call them old friends.

You begin to wonder what these people could say to you. You dream during both the day and night about what it could be like to live in their world.

Because I don’t want to bring these characters into my world. This life is mundane and repetitive. I want something new. Something more. And sure, this may seem naive, but I want to join these people in each of their worlds. I want to have superpowers, hunt monsters and demons, live the supernatural and fantastic. I want to know that the unimagable can actually happen.

And maybe they are. In a universe not unlike out own but with so much more than what we know to be true.

But then again, maybe this is just the desperate cry of a young soul wishing for excitement. A naive life that spends more time with their head in the clouds than on the ground. That is the worst part about having such an intense imagination. I can think up, dream up, any situation and any life but I don’t have the power to turn it into reality.

Maybe this is why I write. So I can believe that it’s possible, just a little bit. So I can escape into my mind where anything can happen and I an be whoever I want. There are no boundaries. No limits to my mind and what I can think up. In fact, it’s always expanding.

It is my own safe haven. But my only question for myself is, for how long?

How long will I be able to run away? How long will I be able to hide? How long will my imagination be able to shield me?

My question for you, if you could live any life of your choice what would you choose?

Good night, World

Quill, signing off x

P.S. Sorry for a kind of heavy post tonight.

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