The “F-Word”

Hello, World!

It’s Quill and I want to talk about the “f-word”.


Oh my god, yes, I said it.

This is something that people need to hear. Something that people need to know.

Quick background. Recently I had to write a paper on gender stratification. The basic definition is the unequal distribution of wealth, power, and privilege between  men and women. This became the basis of why we as a society need feminism. Feminists believe in the social equality in women AND men.

The women who parade around as feminists spouting things like “all men should die”, are not feminists. Feminists believe in equality and fairness. People need to realize there is a difference between feminism and misandry, a very big one.

But I don’t want to get into that part. Because that’s not what I’m writing this for.

The very first time I heard the “f-word”, I was a child. I had no idea what it meant but the person that said it, did so such a way that I felt like it was something bad. Now being the child I was, I didn’t ask my parents what it meant. Instead, I looked it up myself. And when I read the definition I felt confused.

“How can equality be a bad thing?” I thought to myself. It was a simple rule that everyone learned in kindergarten; treat others the way you want to be treated. I wanted the other kids to be nice to me so I did my best to be nice to them. And sure, I wasn’t an angel but I never went out of my way to be mean to someone.

I buried these thoughts but they stayed with me for a long time.

Despite my beliefs, I didn’t tell anyone that I thought the “f-word” was a good thing because I thought people would make fun of me. I thought they’d tell me I was wrong and that I must hate all guys. But the truth is I don’t. Sure, there are some guys in the world that are irritating but that doesn’t cancel out all the great men in the world. The world doesn’t work that way.

Something that I think very few people realize is that the world as it is now hurts men and women with the same sword. Because sexism hurts both.

Sexism tells a man that in order to be masculine he should keep his emotions on a leash and sleep with as many women as possible. It tells a man that expressing himself in any way other than “manly” means he is weak. It says that he cannot be raped, that sex with any girl is great even when he doesn’t want it.

Sexism tells a woman that her worth is measured only in how beautiful she is but if she has sex she’s a slut. It tells a woman that her opinion doesn’t matter and if she does dare to express one then she is automatically a bitch. It says that her body is not hers to own and control but to relinquish to another.

There is no way to win.

And yes, there has been a lot of progress in this cause. Women can vote, they can voice their opinions, their lives aren’t all tethered to the whim of another person.

But there is still so much to be done. There is still a wage gap. Men and women alike are sexually assaulted all across the country and many of those assaults go unheard of. People are defined and judged, based on something they were born with. They didn’t choose to be male or female, that was a matter of chance.

I used to be scared of people rejecting me because I’m a feminist but there’s no reason to. And other people shouldn’t be afraid of being a feminist either because it means you stand for something that can help so many more.

Lastly, I was inspired to write this post by the YouTuber, Catrific. Please go watch her video on the topic because I believe in feminism and it affects everyone. Allow me to repeat that: Feminism affects everyone. Every woman and man in this world.

I am a feminist and proud.

Catrific’s video: Feminist As Fuck

What a your thoughts on feminism? 

Good night, World

Quill, signing off x 

P.S. This isn’t everything there is to know about feminism. I don’t know everything but this is something that I hold a lot of passion for. I don’t speak for all feminists or all women or all men. And I can’t be expected to. I’m just one person who wants to stand up for what’s right.

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