Hit By a (Metaphorical) Bus

Hello, World

Imagine you’re minding your own business, doing whatever it is you do and all of a sudden the ceiling and walls come crashing down around you. I’m sure most people’s thoughts would be something thing along the lines of, “What the ever-loving fuck?”

Or imagine this.

You’re talking to someone, having a good time and out of the blue they slap you right across the face. Hard. Next thing you know, you’re crying.

This is what it’s like to be reminded of something you really wish you could forget.

Maybe it was the “one that got away”. Or the memory of the most mortifyingly embarrassing moment of your life. Or maybe the moment you realize the pain you’re feeling is from the knife sticking out of your back.

This is what happened to me today.

Except it was more like being pushed out into the middle of a road, dazed by the lights of an oncoming bus. Unable to move, frozen where you are, as you’re knocked to the ground.

But here’s the thing. I saw this coming.

I knew what I was doing when I wandered into unsafe territory. It was as though I had pushed myself into the line of danger. Like a masochist, I knew I would only end up hurt but I did it anyways.

Hold on while I give myself a round of applause. Well done, me. You went and screwed with your head again.

All I can do now is pick myself up the best I can. Look around at the shattered pieces, try to keep moving forward. Ignore the old pain that flared up.

Oh well… Until next time, good night, World

Quill, signing off x

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