Every Time I Try to Lucid Dream (Ever)

I would much rather stare at the colors dancing behind my eyelids than sleep.

Lose myself in silence and waking dreams than fall into a dream I can’t control.

There had to be something I could do about that.

Lucid dreaming, I thought

That was the trick

Fall asleep

Know I was asleep

And dream.

Then control it.

No longer would I feel that numbing sense of dread that came with a dream.

No matter how amazing


Or strange it might be

I was unable to move my own legs as I wandered this new world.

Invisible strings tugged me of their own accord

Willing me to go where they lead.

And the second I wanted to run

It is as though my muscles have turned to jelly

Like I was dragging my feet through cement


I could fix that.

Lucid dream and fly through the night in a flurry of adventures

Without ever having to leave the comfort of my own bed.

So I did what anyone would do in this day and age.

I went on the Internet.

Reading articles

Watching videos

Okay, I think, I’m ready to try.

So lay still

Relaxing every part of my body

From the very tips of my fingers and toes

Section by section until I could feel myself sinking into the mattress.

Then I’m awake

Not a clue as to when I actually fell asleep

Or even the smallest inkling of a dream.


Hello, World

Hope you enjoyed my failure to lucid dream. Every single time. Anyways, expect to see quite a few posts that somewhat resemble this one. Or at least the way it’s formatted. Like I said, I’m trying something new.

Until next time,

Signing off, Quill x

2 thoughts on “Every Time I Try to Lucid Dream (Ever)

  1. Hi, whilst falling asleep find a comfortable posture and then try counting 100 to 0 backwards(Breathe slowly) and observe your thoughts at the same time don’t loose track of time. You will find yourself in R.E.M sleep in no time. And once you enter the dream,you will be perplexed as how you got into it(and if this happens it means you are aware that you are dreaming,and when you are aware that your;re dreaming it means you are actually lucid dreaming) Words of caution: Be wise whilst dreaming, for everything you see is a manifestation of your thoughts and according to quantaum physics thoughts are energy and according to the laws of energy “energy can’t be created nor be destroyed” So if you think of something frightening you will see frightening things and if you think about pleasant things you will see pleasant things. Remember we as human beings have the power to control out thoughts. Learn to tame your thoughts. if you have an eidetic memory like me it is very unfortunate. Good luck,hope this helps.

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