Glass Overlay 

In the moment when I see my reflection in the glass of a moving car, I feel I am part of a bigger picture.

The overlap from my face and what lays beyond, it makes me feel smaller.

And I think,

What if?

As I blend with a passing building

And I wonder

Who would I be if I worked there?

I melt into a scenery on a long trip

And there

I’m standing on the side of the freeway, hoping to catch a ride.

I am that cyclist that we passed just seconds ago,

All strong legs and determination.

Or that worker, tired after a long day.

I’m in that empty lot of land

Void of any other human

Feeling only the last rays of sunset and the wind.

But on the other side I can melt away

That side, I see the ocean.

I connect with the waves

The push and pull

The sun bleeding into its depths.

I am part of it now.

United as one

As part of the bigger picture.


Hello, World

I hope you like these as much as I’m having fun writing them. Not quite sure how I feel about this one but please leave a comment on what you think and I’d really appreciate it. A few more are coming out tonight, so keep an eye peeled for those.

Until later, Quill x

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