Street Eyes

If I were a piece of art, I wonder what I would see?

Thrown, splashed, and painted onto a blank wall

My canvas

My body.

The people who put me there for everyone else to see

Some call them vandals and hoodlums

They’ll call me Grafitti.

But others will see the beauty

My beauty.

Those ones

They call me art



They will pass by with glances thrown over their shoulders.

I see them

When no one else does

I see.

The person leaving to get their groceries, then again when they have finished

Arms laden with bags.

That small act of kindness when a stranger offers to help them.

I saw that.

I see the kids after school

Running, walking

Riding bikes and skateboards

They can’t wait to get home.

And also those who don’t want to go home.

Those who drag their feet and frown.

I see these ones at night

Walking to get away

To feel free.

To escape.

I see the homeless

Pushing carts, huddled in whatever clothes they can find.

I see them shake and shiver

And I offer them some protection

My body, my canvas

I give it to them to keep the rain off their backs and wind from their face.

I make people look

With vibrant colors, I carry a message

I am Art

And I see everything.


Hello, World

This one was especially fun to write. Where I live, you can find graffiti on every street but I can never stop looking at them. Whatever else someone might feel about it, I think they’re beautiful. One more post after this, World.

Until later, Quill x

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