Things I thought I’ve left behind

My memory

Is a funny thing.

The things I wish I could relive

Feel so far away.

They dance at the edges of my mind


But the memories I’d rather forget?


Those may as well have been from yesterday

From just five minutes ago.

As fresh in my mind as a new wound.

The sting as I inspect it?

Just as bad.

Those memories slip through the cracks of a faulty damn.

And before I know

The flood is here.

And I can’t escape.

Forced to remember everything.

Every promise made

And the pieces

After having been broken.

Every hurtful thing thrown at me

And by me.

All the sadness

And hate.

All the grief

And anger.

Every tear and scream and sob.

I remember the knife in my back

And the one in my hands.

I remember the pain and emotion.

And, oh god

How I wish I could forget.


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