Where I find inspiration

My muse can be elusive


Sometimes in plain sight.

I’ll find her in a good story

And a bad one.

I’ll find her in a patch of sunlight

Or shivering in the cold.

I find her in the rush of adrenaline

And the steady beat of serenity.

I’ll hear her in conversations with others

And myself.

She’ll be floating on the wind

Or waving from the depths of the water.

She’ll dance in fallen leaves

And lay splayed in the grass.

She loves to poke her head out of windows

Of houses

And cars.

She lingers in laughter and smiles

And pauses at the sight of sobbing and tears.

She echoes in both screaming and silence.

She’s with me in all times of safety and fear.

She’ll comment and compliment

On who I am now

And point out who I aspire to be.

Some days she’ll pester me to no end

Begging for attention.

On others

She’s nearly impossible to find.

But I know she’s there

I just need to know where to look.


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