How we escape

We all have our ways of “getting away”

Those things we do to escape felling angry or upset

To clear their head

And feel at least marginally better.

Or perhaps

To try and forget

For a time at least.

Some can just “remove” themselves

Simply walk away

And be fine.


It’s not that easy

Some find comfort in being busy

They’ll throw themselves into distractions

Giving no time think

Working, training

Moving so fast

That they can believe

That they can leave it all behind.

Finding solace in running

In fighting

In dancing

In drawing and painting.

They find solace in doing and creating.

Drowning out the emotions.

We allow ourselves to get lost in something else

Whether that’s a person or a world.

In comforting facts or works of fiction.

We let ourselves go in the words and stories of others

While letting our own ideas flow and be free.

Regardless of how we do it

We run

We escape

And we try our damnedest to not look back.


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