The human condition

Humanity is infected.

Plagued by a disease.

A disease that brings pain.

And it can only be treated by the disease itself,

But never cured.

It is both symptom and cause.
Harbinger of anger,

Of hate,

Of sorrow and loneliness.


Somehow it brings joy and life.

It breeds passion and love.

It is the reason for wars and hospitals,

School and prisons.

It is the unseen puppeteer,

Pulling the strings.

Moving every piece into place,

Behind the scenes.

Humans could be so much better off without it.

But without it,

Progress comes to a standstill.

Humanity will decay and rot,

It will cease to move forward.

But with it,

With it we thrive,

We grow,

We learn more than we ever imagined.

It is both misfortune and blessing,

Perhaps a necessary evil.

Emotion will be the tool

Either to destroy the world

Or to save it.

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