The world is

The world is complex.

They speak in contradictions.

They say things like,

“Be yourself”

Then turn around and snarl,

“No, no, no! Not like that!”

They will tell us to love ourselves

Then point out every reason and “flaw”

To prove that we shouldn’t.

They promote a “perfect” vision of the future

And the terrible ways we’ll achieve it.

But remember

The world is complex.

There are people who will tear us down

And twice as many who will pick us back up.

People will turn their back and leave us

And other’s will take their place.

We will stumble and fall

Left with bloody hands and knees

Blisters and bruises.

It will happen again and again.

It’s okay.

Let it.

Because you can get up,

You will get up.

There are people who can help,

Who will help.

Just ask.

Call out to them.

Do not let your voice die in your throat.

Reach out.

Do not be afraid.

Let yourself cry

Let yourself feel.

Stand tall

The tears will pass

And you will be stronger for it.

The world is complex

And all the more beautiful because of it.


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