I miss being a kid.

I miss the magic of surprises,

The light of a new day,

The simplicity of life.

I miss the days

When my biggest worry

Was being the first one to the swings.

I miss the days

When the worst thing that could happen

Was getting your seat pulled out from under you.

I miss passing notes

Talking about nonsense.

I miss the days of cartwheels and monkeybars

When the worst injuries were blisters, bruises, and scraped knees.

When heartbreak meant being last in line for ice cream

And all I got was that last melting scoop.

When rejection was finding out your childish crush

Did not feel the same way

Even after all your friends said they did.

When confusion was just forgetting your times tables.

I miss the ignorance

The bliss

That came with knowing

For a fact

That everything

Will be okay.


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