And so we press on

A lot can happen in a year.

The ups

Can be as exciting as a roller coaster

And at times

Just as scary.

The downs

Can be simple as the stumbling over your feet

Of the fear of free fall into nothingness.

A lot can happen 365 days

One day as free as the wind

The next as much of a prisoner as Sisyphus

Forced to bear your burdens

Up a mountain

Bound forever to an impossible task.

And on those days


That is not your fate

You have the ability to walk away

And it for some reason you can’t


Move forward

You are human

And humans have the potential

To defeat the impossible.

A lot can happen in a year

You will feel weak

But it will pass

So hold your head up

You are strong.

If you do not believe me


You made it this far

You can defeat the so-called impossible

Because people are powerful

And so

We press on.


Hello, World!

Happy New Years Eve/New Years, depending on where you live. Whatever happened this year, I hope you’ve grown and learned from it. Through all the crazy things that happen, the most important thing is to always keep moving forward.

I have a lot of ideas and things I want to share this coming year, lots of goals that I’m determined to accomplish.

So I wish you all the best in the coming year! Positive vibes!

Until 2016!

Quill, signing off x

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