I hate you for what you did to me.


With your smile

Hiding a sneer

Your kindness

Cloaking your own agenda.

And I was stupid enough to believe you.

I let you mold me

Make me

Into someone I’m not.

I should have seen the signs

Stayed true to myself

And trusted my gut.

I should have cut you out

Excised you

Like the cancer you were.


And deadly.


I let you use me

Your tears pulled at my heartstrings

Playing with me

Like some kind of game

So I would cater to your every whim.

You planted seeds of doubt in my mind

Your thoughts left my lips

Making me believe that they were my own

Your tongue twisted my words

To bite me back

Wringing out apologies you did not deserve.

You guided me to burn my bridges

So it would just be


But now

There is no us.

You’re gone

And I am left alone

In the ruins you left behind

As something I never wanted to be.

I wish I never met you.

First comes bliss

Then came anguish.

And now-

Now I hate you

But more than that

I hate myself

For letting you in

And letting you change me.


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