In Between Girl

I am an “in between girl”

Meaning I don’t quite fit in.

I am oddly shaped

Rough edges and extra corners.

I slip between the cracks

And spill over the sides of the check marked box.

My body is not big enough to fill a stadium

Nor small enough to cradle in your palm.

I do not tower over others

Or cower in their shadows.

My mind is loud

But not so that it will breach my lips accidentally.

My voice is soft

But strong enough to take a stance.

And I wonder

Are my legs steady enough to carry me?

This in between girl

Who is not quite big though not at all small,

With a loud mind and cautious lips,

And a soft voice that will carry long after I’m gone.

The in between girl who has yet to find a place for herself

Because I cannot compromise myself

To fit the perfect silhouettes of others.

I am an inbetween girl

I do not compare

Cannot be compared.

I will tear down their stencils and outlines.

I refuse to get rid of all that is me

To smooth down all my odd edges

Or fold in my extra corners

To be someone I’m not.

I will stay an in between girl

And create my own place.


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