Deadly Trinity: Beauty, Grace, and Pain

My demons are disguised

And beautiful.

Dressed to the nines in flowing gowns and silk suits.

They move with the grace of immortals

Lithe and predatory in every step

Like tigers in the moments they’re about to strike.

They drag taloned fingers down my cheek

Wiping away my tears

And drawing blood.

Charm and seduction in every smile

I cannot help but be drawn to them.

They beckon me closer

Whispering poison into my ear

Tricks and lies

Weakening me.

I can’t tell them to stop.

They hold me down

Drowning in the very air that keeps me alive.

My lungs fill with oil

Thick and black

Ignited by the spark forced down my throat

Passed to me from their lips

Choking on tongues laced with spite

Set aflame by my own self-hatred.


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