Deja Vu

How many times do we have to do this?

A single glance down the pathway

To you

A home that I would not

Could not


Retracing old footsteps

Until I was back in the moonlit room

Dancing to a timeless, tuneless song

How many times do I have to do this?

Shut in the dark

Nowhere to go

Nowhere to run

How many more times will I continue to do this?

Caught in a silence

One so strong it pierces every fiber of my being

Not even my sobbing can penetrate

And I am left in this darkness

Tears sliding down my face

Into a pillow that has seen my strife more than any living thing

How long will this continue?

Caught in a trap I cannot free myself from

How long do you plan on staying?


But not unknown

Because how can someone you’ve known your whole life

Be a stranger?

My childhood friend

The figment of my imagination

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment we met

But you have never once wavered in your conviction to stay

No matter how many times I begged you to leave

And still you didn’t listen


You forced yourself into my mouth

Silencing every cry for help

And I can’t help but wonder

Consumed by a void like nothing else



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