But a Number

Hello World,

Time for another Real Talk. This time, the topic is body image  and more specifically weight.

I, for one, get pretty self-conscious about the way I look. Just like anyone else, I’m not totally happy with my appearance.

Some days I look in the mirror and think, “Hot damn, I’m a sexy, kick-ass bitch.” And I won’t walk around- No, I’ll strut like the world is my goddamn personal runway.

Other days, not so much. Those days I’ll look in the mirror and pick out every flaw, blow them up to the size of the sun and it just consumes me.

Now I’ll admit, the latter is how I feel more often than not. Sometimes, I just can’t see past the pooch of my stomach. Or the stretch marks on my thighs. Or the slight jiggle in my arms.

But I’m trying to fight that feeling. I try to remember that the fact that the very ability for my body to be alive is amazing. If you, my reader, feel this way then I urge you to listen to what I have to say. Or at the very least, read what I’m writing right now.

Your weight is ONLY a number. 

It DOES NOT measure the following:

  1. How attractive you are (i.e. Beautiful, handsome, hot, pretty, cute, etc. I’m sure you get it).
  2. Your character (i.e. Funny, charming, witty, , and everything in between).
  3. Your abilities (i.e. Athleticism, artistry, intelligence, ingenuity, creativity, etc.)

It DOES measure:

  1. How much gravity is pulling on your body. That’s it. Period.

Now a few thing to remember when talking about Body Positivity: 

  1. Fat is NOT synonymous with ugly.
  2. Skinny DOESN’T necessarily mean healthy.
  3. Body positivity is NOT endorsing obesity or eating disorders (i.e. Bulimia, anorexia, binging, etc.).

Body positivity IS:

  1. Loving and accepting all bodies. Every shape and size.
  2. Not judging someone based on what you see on the surface.
  3. The idea that ALL bodies are GOOD bodies.
  4. No matter what society/media/other people tell you, you have every right to be comfortable in your body.
  5. All bodies are worthy of self-love.

This is only the beginning of body positivity, there’s so much more that I simply can’t put into words right now. But it’s something that needs to be spread. Just imagine how much greater this world can be if we were kinder to each other, if we judged based on people’s merits, their actions, their words.

So, dear reader, you—Yes, YOU, are amazing. Don’t let anyone tell you different. More importantly, don’t let yourself believe it. There will be times, days, weeks, maybe even years where you’ll feel less than beautiful, less than handsome, less than good looking. Honey, that’s okay. That’s part of being human and, not gonna lie, it really fucking sucks. But do your best to fight it. 

BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTHY OF SELF-LOVE. Scream it to the goddamn world or just say it to yourself in the mirror. You’ll feel silly, sure, but it helps. It really does. I’m not saying that your insecurities will totally vanish, but practicing this can make you feel better. 

But why stop there, tell other people they look good. That you like their hair or their shirt or their smile. Compliment a total stranger, your best friend, a family member. Spread body positivity.

Whether you are:

  1. A man, woman, boy, girl, dude, chick, or any mix in between
  2. Young or old or those awkward, strange stages in the middle
  3. Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, European, Pacific Islander, Native American, or a mixed breed of anything and everything
  4. Gay, straight, bi, lesbian, pan, ace, demi, aro or others that I’m not aware/educated on

You are a masterpiece. From what you do to the way you dress. How you smile and laugh and cry. You art a work of art.

Your body is a temple. A tribute to you, the god or goddess inhabiting it. Take care of it. Be kind to yourself.

~ Quill

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