Dream of Reality

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

– J.K. Rowling

Hello World!

Now don’t get me wrong. Dreams are great, they’re awesome. They’re good things to have so you can set goals for yourself.

But dreams are meaningless if you never act on them.

Want to be an actor/actress?

Don’t just say it. Go audition for a play. Be in a show or a movie. Even if you’re an extra, show yourself and be present in the industry. Hell, make your own show or short film and post it online.

Wanna be a singer?

Sing. Sing for your friends and family. Hire a singing coach. Be part of your local choir group. Write your own music. Sing in public, on sidewalks and stages. Put it on the Internet.

What about a dancer?

Rehearse your heart out. Train and put your heart and soul into every move. Learn something new every time you move and improve.

Professional athlete?

Push yourself. Be part of a team, any team that will fulfill your dreams and make them something more. Push yourself as hard as you can and then some.

An author?

Write about everything. Write about the past. The present. The future. Write about things that have happened. Or haven’t. Or what you want to happen. Write fiction and fantasy. Write about how you like your tea or coffee. Write letters, poetry, stories. Share your experiences. Your dreams. Your fears. Write your life. Then show people. Ask friends, family, teachers, peers, and strangers to read them. Maybe write a blog?

You see dreams are a fantastic start. But dreaming won’t take you anywhere. You have to act on it.

So go on. Get out. Dream. But bring your dreams to life. Work so hard that you feel like you might collapse. Then work harder.

Chances are it’ll be slow going but that better than not going at all.


What are you waiting for?


Until next time,


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