We Are Artists

The world is full of artists

Whether or not they see themselves as one.

Everyone is an artist.

The way that boy dresses himself,

How that girl wears her hair,

The children chasing each other on the playground.

How you take your coffee

Or the way you like your tea.

The way you laugh with your best friend, completely unrestrained.

The smile when you make eye contact with your crush

And the soft blush when you turn away.

How someone reads their favorite book

Over and over again.

How you sit and stand and walk

The way you dance and party.

How you sing along to Disney movies

And quote television shows.

Your knowledge of history or obscure plants or outer space.

The way snowboarders carve the frost beneath them

Or how basketball players dribble.

The way you speak to your loved ones

And strangers

And even your worst enemy.

How people hope and dream and believe.

Someone’s handwriting

A tight scrawl or wide and looping

Cursive or print

Or any combination thereof.

The sigh of a person whispering their lover’s name.

How you move your hands as you tell a story.

How new parents cradle their first child.

The way you live and breathe.

The feel of the world under your fingertips

The taste it leaves in your mouth

The scent that fills your lungs

The sight that flood your mind from the smallest grain of sand to the sky above

The sound of music from this track called “Life”.

This world is full of artists

Even if they don’t see themselves as one.

The world is our canvas

It’s our stage, our runway, our stadium.

We are artists

The world, our masterpiece in the making

Forever a beautiful work in progress.

~ Quill

I think everything in life is art.
-Helena Bonham Carter

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