Life on the Run

Life is all about running

Running after someone or something

Running to get somewhere

Sometimes we’re running away

It simply can’t be helped

It’s human nature


Which is unfortunate

Because I run too far, too fast, without looking back

I run away with utter abandon

I run with a heart of ice

Pumping the fear that’s replaced my blood through veins of steel

Oxygen flooding my lungs

Ignited by the spark of adrenaline

Sending fire into my soul

And I inflame the dust in my wake

My body is a whirlwind

Kicking up embers as I fly on my own two feet

Stardust raining down

The cosmos in awe

My fear, so all consuming

I am a runner

Fleeing the only home I have ever known

I travel aimlessly

For someplace new and different

I search for somewhere untouched by me and my madness

Someplace whole

So I keep running

Sending embers and fire flying into the air

~ Quill

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