Wasted Time: A Conversation

“What are you even doing with your life?”

“Think about your future!”

 “You’re wasting your time!”

Excuse me, bitch. You’re really questioning how I’ve been spending my time? Who are you to say that to me? Tell me, what have you done these past few months?

Did you go to your baby sister’s musical performance?

I did.

Did you hug your little brother so hard it hurt?

I did.

Did you pet a dog? Throw them a bone or play tug of war?

I did.

Did you sing along to your favorite song?

I did.

Did you stand in the sun? Or the rain? Feel the wind on your face?

I did.

Did you read a good book?

I did.

Did you giggle or chuckle or laugh so hard you cried?

I did.

Did you dance like no one was watching?

I did.

Did you tell someone a new joke? Or make them laugh in general?

I did.

Did you cry or scream or shout?

I did.

Did you learn something new?

I did.

Did you tell someone you loved them?

I did.

Did you do something that makes you feel alive?

fucking did.

So guess what? I haven’t wasted a single moment. So let me ask you one more time:

What have you been doing with your life?

~ Quill

Hello World,

People say these kinds of things to me a lot. Way more than is really necessary. And it’s extremely irritating. I really want to say these thing to them but I don’t.

I only have one goal right now and that’s taking care of myself.

These people don’t know what’s going on in my life and they have no right to question me.

I’m living my life for ME.

And to anyone who thinks my job is to please them, kindly fuck off and focus on your own damn life.

And to you, dear reader, live your life for yourself. It’s not your duty to please anyone else. So do what makes you happy. Do what will give your life fulfillment.

Until next time,

Quill x

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