I’m Back!

Hello World!

It’s been a while, but I’m happy to say that I’m back with more to share. 

I recently got home from a family vacation in Palm Springs, CA. It was a ton of fun and just beautiful. The only thing that kind of sucked was that it was ridiculously hot there. I mean, I was born and raised in Southern California but the heat there was REAL. Thank goodness there was a pool, otherwise I’d be a melted mess. 

But it was fun to go there and spend time with my family. Despite the chaos of EIGHTEEN people under ONE roof. What can I say, I have a big family. And that’s only my mom’s side. Two grandparents, their four kids plus the spouses of three of them, and a total of nine grandkids. It was insane.

But at night, when everyone calmed down, I went outside by myself. The light pollution isn’t as bad there and I got to lay in the grass and stare at the sky. The stars were  beautiful and the moon was so bright. There was only a half moon while we were there but still gorgeous. I can only imagine what the full moon would look like out there. 

So that’s where I’ve been and what’s been going on with me. The surface stuff at least.

Unfortunately, I’ve been feeling more depressed and anxious but this isn’t about that.

And I’m just wondering, but when’s the last time you’ve gone on a vacation? Was it with your family or friends or significant other? Or maybe just by yourself? Also, have you ever gone to Palm Springs? What did you think of it?

Let me know in a comment, I’m geniunely curious.

Until next time,

Quill x 

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