Caged Within

I am trapped in the cage of my own mind

An emperor guards my cell

The blades of anxiety aimed at my back

Striking the moment I fall into peace

And I writhe in pain

A silent scream never leaving my lips

Depression hanging low

An ever-present fog

One I’ve become so comfortable with

And now the chill in my bones is normal

I can just remember a time when that cold didn’t exist

When the fog  and the cage were but fleeting thoughts

As tangible as the dreams in my sleep

But those dreams have long since become nightmares

Vicious beasts tearing into my mind without mercy

And still I seek light

A flicker of flame to fight them off

I am not beaten yet

I hold the key to release myself

Stumbling in the dark to find the lock

Searching for my strength to summon the will to free myself

To wield that strength and beat my oppressor

I will burn away this miasma and know light again


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