People to Remember

I know the world can be an awful place

And there are some terrible, terrible people out there

But at the end of the day

Remember this

There are people who stop to smile at the sky

Whether it’s sunny, cloudy, raining, or anywhere in between

There are people who crouch to admire little flowers and plants in sidewalk cracks

Remember there are dogs who will tug on their leash for you to pet them

There are cats who will purr for you to stroke them

The birds will keep singing for you

No matter how gloomy the day

There are people who take dozens of pictures a day because it makes them smile

There are people who hug their loved ones and wipe away their tears

There are people who’ll do silly things to make people laugh because it makes them happy

There are people who compliment strangers on the street

People who give to those who need it

People who sing softly and loudly

No matter who’s around

People who ramble on and on about their passions

People who stutter and laugh

People who embody the best of humanity

People who are warm and kind

Who love and love with no end in sight

Who give and give and give

So yes

The world can be scary

And people can be hurtful

But don’t forget the others

The good and gracious and loving

Don’t forget these people

~Quill x


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