It Just Is

I’m sad 

I’m angry

I’m confused

My life is a mess

And my mind is chaos

My body is worn 

As is my heart

The once still waters of my soul

Ripple with the force of tidal waves

One after another

Crashing down like thunder

It’s “Hurricane Me”

Life is out of my control

And I realize

That’s okay

All of this is neither good nor bad

It just is

And that’s okay too

Unpleasant? Sure

Difficult? Without a doubt

But that’s okay

I breathe deeply

Knowing this too shall pass

I will find my way through this storm

Not untouched and definitely not unscathed

Undoubtedly wearier than before

The weight of experience heavy on my shoulders

And still

I breathe deeply 

And forge onwards


Hello, World!

Sorry about the abrupt hiatus! Creative block is a bitch, but I’ve worked my way through it. I’m glad to finally be back and posting again. I have more poetry, stories, and art on the way. Maybe an even more in depth update of what I’ve been doing recently(?). 


Until next time,

Quill x

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