Midnight Ranting

Hello World,

And to that special someone, fuck you. If you’re reading this then you know who you are.

Screw you for hurting me. I am trying so hard to heal and every time I think I’m making progress, there you are. You goddamn bastard. You have no right to be in my life.

To those of you who don’t know, I think it’s time I just came clean.

I was in an emotionally abusive relationship. I was guilted into feeling unworthy and less than. And while my ex-abuser may not have seen it that way, that is what happened and what I felt. What I still feel. They can make up as any excuses as they want but that will never negate what’s been said and done.

Now back to you. How dare you do that. Do you really think I’m so stupid? This is my safe space and you think it’s okay to invade it the way you did? No. In the time since I’ve known you, I’ve hurt more than the years that came before. So tell me, what does that say about you? Don’t answer that. Don’t try to explain or make excuses.

You are the worst decision I have ever made. You are biggest regret of my life. You never deserved me and I deserve more than you could ever offer.

So fuck off.

I hope the guilt of what you’ve done to me haunts you for the rest of your life. I hope the next woman you fall in love with reminds you of me. I hope she stands her ground against you. I hope she stays true to who she is. I hope she never changes for anyone but herself. And you know what? I hope you will never be able to get her out of your mind. And I hope she knows that. 

~ Quill x

P.S. I burned all your shit and danced around the fire, asshole.

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