I pride myself on my ability to see a story from every angle

Just as there’s no such thing as a coin with only a singe side

Or a dice without multiple faces

A story with only a single point of view is no story at all

And I have always been able to see those things

I always thought my judgement to be fair  


Even by my own feelings


Who am I to judge another?

I don’t live their life

I have never taken so much as a step in their shoes

“Everyone has their reasons.”

That is what I told myself

And while I still believe that

Holding it true to this day

It made me believe that my story isn’t important

It taught me that my problems take the back burner

Never as urgent as another’s 

I leaned to be okay with that


I believed that the path of least resistance 

Was the best path of diplomacy

But ignoring my problems in light of another’s is not diplomacy

So never again

Never again will I treat myself with such a lack of respect

Lack of love or care

It’s time I be my own advocate

Time to defend myself the way I’ve defended others all my life

It’s time I stand up for myself

And never again let anyone walk all over me

~ Quill x

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