Inside each and every one of us

Is a War

Waging on and on

Some of us are winning


Perhaps, not so much

Some are stuck in a stalemate 

Neither side willing

Or maybe

Able to give in


We stand together 


Comrades in arms

We send troops to the front lines of every battlefield

Fighting for each other

As much as ourselves

And while some are closer to the end than others

So close to victory they can almost taste it

Others will still struggle and fall

At the mercy of the opposing army

But to you I say

Don’t stop


And forge onwards

I promise the fighting will come to an end

It might not get any easier 

But through it all

You will gain the wisdom and strength to fight even more ferociously than before

So stumble and fall

It’s okay

Just remember to get back up

Call for reinforcements

And stand strong 

Plant your feet firmly on this war torn ground

Let your roots dig deep and cling to all you are

And be proud

Hold your head high

You’ve already won half the battle 

The half you win by refusing to stay down 

~ Quill x 

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