Free Fall Into A Shitstorm of Emotions

Hello World,

I have a problem.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “This girl can’t be any more of a mess than she already is!”

Au contraire, Dear Reader, I’m even more of a disaster than even I knew!

… Well, sorta. I kind of already knew this particular fault of mine but this is worst it’s ever gotten.

So what’s wrong with you this time, Quill? Well I’m glad you asked because I was gonna tell you anyways.

I fall for people WAY too easily and FAR too fast. What does this mean? I’m a romantic with an insane imagination with a bad habit of over-analyzing absolutely EVERYTHING. Oh god, kill me now.

And this is more than just, “Aw, what a cute little crush.” Oh no, it’s not something that passes really quickly.

You see, the moment someone starts being nice and paying attention to me, my mind just goes crazy.

I start thinking, “Are they flirting? Or are they just being nice? Is it all in my head? Probably. But what if it’s not? Am I overthinking this?” It goes on and on and on. Then I start wondering if they just want something from me and that’s just the worst.

Combine this with my pre-existing trust issues and I’m in a world of ridiculousness.

Anyone else have issues like this? Please don’t let it just be me.


~ Quill x

P.S. That title is something special, huh.

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