A Galaxy Apart

We are complete opposites

When I look from you to me

That much is clear

You, you are the sun

A star

Burning so bright and hot

So blindingly warm

You pull people in

Enamored by your light

I on the other hand?

I am a black hole

A dying star

Every trace of light that once existed now gone

And people never see me coming

But those who get to close?

I draw them in

And they change

I can’t help it

It’s in my nature

But you

Your light brings life

And I want to get closer

I want to be part of your warmth

But if I do

I’ll hurt you

And your light is too precious a thing for me to do that

You light brings hope

My darkness only brings destruction

I carry no warmth

Only the frozen corpse of a dead star

And no matter how much I may want to

To get close to you would surely be your downfall

And I couldn’t bear to live with that guilt

~ Quill x

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