Life Update & Beach Day


So, yes, I didn’t post for a week BUT for good reason.

I really just want to plan my posts so I can be more consistent and stick to my three-posts-a-week plan. This way I’m not scrambling to finish and upload minutes before I make it public. This is especially important because I will be starting school again soon.

But enough about that, now for the more interesting stuff.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter then you’ll know that last weekend I visited the La Jolla Tidepools. What you might not know is that I have a HUGE passion for photography but I haven’t really been able to indulge in that passion because I haven’t had a good camera in almost three years. But now I finally have a new phone with a pretty good camera and the beautiful coast was the perfect chance to test it out.

Accidental creep-shot of my siblings

I wanted to climb on that rock but I also didn't want to break my ankles

Ariel is watching from the distance

Panoramic shot of the tidepools

Panoramic sunset

Birb trio

This was accidentally romantic

I hope you enjoyed this photo filled post and I hope to share more of these in the future.

Until next time x

P.S. Please don’t repost or use these photos and credit me if I do give you permission. Thanks!

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