So anyone who knows me, knows I’m very outspoken. And I think it should’ve been pretty obvious that I was going to talk about this, so let’s cut to the chase.

I believe the United States needs stricter gun laws. I don’t think civilians need an AR-15 (or anything similar) in their possession. I think it’s fucking ridiculous that you can legally buy a machine made for killing before you can buy alcohol. I appreciate “thoughts and prayers” but those aren’t going to do shit to fix the problem we face. I think that if Trump and the GOP really believed this was a mental health issue then the bills that make it harder for the mentally ill to purchase firearms would NOT have been repealed. I, myself, had to sign papers that make it harder for me to obtain any kind of firearm.

I’ve heard so many people say, “Well, if someone really wants a gun then they’ll just find another way.” And it infuriates me because what they’re actually saying is, “Why make should we even try to stop these mass killings when it’ll probably happen again anyway?” It’s laziness, a disregard for human life, and the refusal to take responsibility.

And to all those people who say, “Now is not the time to talk about gun control.” To you, I say this:

You’re right. We should’ve had this conversation a long time ago.

I am furious that people think their “hobby” takes precedent over the lives of countless innocent lives; lives now lost because you’re so damn protective of machines made to do one thing.


That’s literally what guns are supposed to do. That was the intent when they were made. They are weapons.

People can spout all their bullshit about the second amendment but that was made in an era when automatic or even semi-automatic weapons were non-existent. That was an era when it took twenty to sixty seconds to reload. People then had no idea that the act of mass murder would become so easy.

I have three siblings; one each in elementary, junior high, and high school. I keep my fingers crossed that they’ll come home safe every day because of the bullshit “laws” in this country. My youngest sister has told me about the drills her school runs in case a shooter cones to her school and she’s had a lot of them. She knows them from beginning to end, how to do everything in her power to keep herself safe. But all that means next to nothing if the government doesn’t get their fucking act together.

I am tired of waking up to seeing the news of yet another shooting. So tired.

To the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, I admire your strength and perseverance. You shouldn’t have to be dealing with this but the fact that you’re doing so so tenaciously is incredible. I mourn with you for the loss of your friends, classmates, and teachers. I send my support and strength and will do all that I can to make things right.

It’s our time now. We are the generation that will change things for the better.

To you, dear reader, if you reside in the U.S. then please do your part. If you’re eighteen, or will be turning eighteen before midterm elections, then please register to vote. We are the generation that will be inheriting this country. In many ways, the U.S. is a good place. We are made up of so many diverse and ingenious individuals. We are those people and we need to rise together, lifting each other up so we are heard.

We need #GunReformNow and I will use my voice and platform to do everything in my power to stop anymore of these senseless killings.

Until next time everyone x

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