Words Like The Ocean

My words are an ocean

Ebbing and flowing

Stronger at night, the Moon pulling them out of me

Her pale gaze on my ink stained pages

Yet during the day, the sun tells me to let them sink to where no one will ever see them

My words p u l l y o u i n

Enticing as the light glinting off the waves

Before you now it, the riptide has you in its grasp

And you catch a glimpse of what I hide under the surface

My words are… temperamental

So quick to frenzy


Still seas suddenly stirring into a storm you never saw coming

A tsunami that will shake you to your core

So fiercely they roar, you’ll feel her in your soul

Welcome to my world

My words beat,


beat at the shore

They devour the earth and wear away cliffs

They will the tear the ground right out from under you

And watch you flounder

My words will carry you to land

A place to heal and regain your bearings

Even if only for a moment

And lull you to peace once the chaos has passed.

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