I Lost My Wallet…


So, here’s the thing:

I lost my wallet.

And I never really thought about what would happen if I lost my wallet because I always thought I’m too paranoid and anxious to lose anything actually important. But alas, I’m but a flawed human.

But before I really get into that let me recount the events leading up to actually losing my wallet and when I realized it was gone.

This actually happened two weeks ago so this is a late update (unless you follow me on Twitter).

But I had class that day and decided that after lunch I’d go see Love, Simon. Absolutely fantastic movie, by the way. A beautiful story that actually had me crying more than once. That aside, after the movie I had a writing group that I like to attend. The next day, however, my siblings and I wanted to walk around town so I figured I should have my wallet just in case we wanted anything.

Here’s what happened, the abridged version:

  1. Gotta get my wallet.
  2. Wallet isn’t in my school bag…
  3. Wallet fell under my bed? Nope.
  4. Probably left it in the car? Nope.
  5. Where the fuck is it?
  6. Proceed to tear apart my room and the rest of the house looking for it, enlisting the help of siblings.
  7. I can’t find it…


At that point, Anxiety was freaking out and retracing every step I took the day before and that’s when I realized I’d left it in the theater.

I actually called the theater and asked if anyone had found it but I was very hopeful. I had a lot of money in that wallet and no one would want to give it all back. Or any of it for that matter.

Now, no one really tells you what it means when you lose your wallet but here’s what I realized:

  • All my tips from work were now gone. Money I use in place of my card.
  • My debit/credit card itself was lost. Luckily I was able to lock it using my banking app but it’s still a pain in the ass.
  • My fucking ID and insurance card. Gone. This is the biggest inconvenience because anyone who has to deal with U.S. insurance and the DMV knows that it’s not fun.
  • I also like to keep pictures of my siblings with me (because apparently I’m a grandmother that never gets to see the kids) and let’s be honest, whoever found my wallet probably threw those away.

I actually ranted about this a few days after I lost my wallet right here:

Yeah, I wasn’t happy.

But now, two weeks later, I’ve taken care of pretty much everything I needed to replace the contents of my wallet.

I’ve definitely learned a lot from this experience and funnily enough this was kind of the event that was the catalyst for me to confront Anxiety. I’m still not happy that I lost my wallet but I’m proud of myself for being able to deal with this. That said, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can avoid anything like this in the future.

But that’s all for now, maybe next time I’ll actually talk about Love, Simon.

Until then x

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