Introducing: Intrusive Thoughts

Dear Intrusive Thoughts,

You really need to stop barging in without permission. This has been going on for as long as I can remember and it’s a little exhausting. Speaking of which, stop bringing up worst-case-scenarios with Anxiety. She’s been doing so well and you saying, “What if-” about literally everything, isn’t helping her. She already has a lot on her mind, just back off a little, kay?

And another thing, why do you jump in when I’m already in the middle of another conversation? It’s really hard to talk to my co-worker when you’re babbling about reincarnation. Or a funny memory. Or something we saw two years ago.

I’m not saying you need to leave forever. You do help me remember things I need to do but it would be nice if you backed off a little. Just give me some space and leave the existential thoughts to when I’m home, in my own space.



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