So if you’re American then you probably know that there’s a special day this week. One could argue it’s the most American holiday of the year. Yep, Fourth of July AKA Independence Day.

Growing up, young American kids are often force-fed this idea that the American Revolution was the most important thing to have ever happened. And in many ways, it’s an important factor to a lot of the things we see today. But now that I’m older, I see things differently.

In this country, I’ve seen that the epitome of “free” is being a cis straight white man. None of which apply to me.

You see, I’m “free” to live and work and exist. But that doesn’t mean I’m absolutely free.

I am a young LGBT+ Woman of Color who is mentally ill. I am not free to walk the streets at night without fear. I am not free from the judgemental stares of ignorant people. I am not free from prejudice. I am not free from therapists who don’t know how to treat a person of color. I am not free from hate based on the color of my skin.

I live in a small town. And while it’s becoming increasingly progressive, I can still see it’s small-minded ideation.

So while you celebrate the birth of our nation, remember that there are still those who aren’t truly free. Whether you are a born and raised American or an immigrant from another country, know that there are still those of us fighting for the freedom we deserve.

Until next time x

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