This is America

My country is a prison

It tells you what you can and can’t be

It is a country of laws and no justice

Where the white rich and well-connected are free to do as they please

While we on the ground stand in the light of cop cars

We stare down the barrel of a gun held by those who swear to protect us

We live with our heads on a swivel because we don’t know where the next shot will come from

We are labeled pedophiles, rapists, terrorists, gangsters

We are told to go back to where we came from by people whose ancestors stole land and pride from their rightful owners

We are unnatural and disgusting for living our truths

We are too loud for demanding the rights we’re entitled to

And we are spat on for refusing to be silent

We are here

This is our America

Photo by Robert Hickerson on Unsplash

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