I Talk Too Fast

You read the title.

That’s what this is about well part of what it’s about and a pretty important part if you ask me cuz it’s part of a much bigger problem that I’m trying to deal with and change about myself but it’s pretty slow going because I’m still not very kind to myself.

Woah. Deep breath.

Did you make it through that stream of words?

Can you feel how out of breath I am?

You see, the reason I talk so fast is this:

I feel that if I talk for too long everyone eventually tunes me out.

I was the friend that was often talked over. When I spoke, I could slowly see the other person/people lose interest. And that kinda sucks. That moment when you see everyone slip into another conversation and you’re left talking to no one and your voice slowly fades into silence.

That’s why I talk fast. Especially when it comes to my lengthier anecdotes. I want people to hear me and actually listen but that’s not always what happens. And it feels like nobody cares.

And, yeah, yeah, I know that’s not always the case and I’m trying to make myself slow down a bit but it’s a slow process (pun not intended but I’m gonna leave it). What I’m trying to focus on is breathing and being kind to myself. I have be okay with the fact that some people don’t want to listen, no matter how fascinating/funny/interesting I find the subject. Just because those others don’t want to listen doesn’t make what I’m saying any less important. If nothing else, important to me.

And I don’t really have a happy ending I want to end on but know this:

If you’re one of those people that finds themselves being talked over or ignored, I see you. I’ll listen, okay?

Stay safe out there and until next time x

Photo by Daniel Monteiro on Unsplash

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