Imagine this:

You’re having a normal day at work, walking around and talking to coworkers and customers. Then someone makes you laugh. You feel an odd warmth and think, “Did I just piss myself?”

Then you realize, that wasn’t pee.

That is exactly what happened two and a half weeks ago and how I realized that I just started my period.

That’s right folx, I started my fucking period in the middle of my shift and to top it off I wasn’t able to leave to get a tampon or even a fucking pad. Do I sound mad? Good, I fucking am.

Now you might be saying, “Oh, boo hoo, so you were a little uncomfortable. So what?”

Well let me tell you, “So what.” I wasn’t just uncomfortable. I felt humiliated and dehuminized. It wasn’t as though you could tell, it was the fact that I had to continue working while in pain and unable to clean myself up in any way. My work didn’t provide any kind of sanitary products, much less the time to use them.

Those of you who have vaginas and/or menstruate probably have similar experiences with periods; the general consensus being they’re kinda (really) awful. And being in a situation where you can’t do anything to make it even remotely better can make you feel even worse.

There’s no good ending to this anecdote. It happened and it sucks. But I do hope that there’s someone else who knows they aren’t alone.

Until next time x

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