An open letter to superheroes

For everyone that puts others before themselves and still wrestles with their own demons.

This is for you.

Be selfish for just one day.

Put yourself first for once.

Don’t offer to pay for lunch.

Don’t cover your coworker’s shift when you’re already bone tired.

Don’t spread yourself so thin you get lost in others.


Be there for yourself.

Take a break.

Go on that day trip just because you can.

Sleep in til noon on a Sunday.

Eat the last cookie, you deserve it.

Turn away from those that call your self-care “selfish”.

Go be selfish.

Stand up for yourself.

Say no to those that take that take advantage of your selflessness.

Stand steady under their glare.

Take off your capes and costumes. Breathe without the mask.

It’s time to rest.


A hero, like you

Photo by Banglu Cheng on Unsplash

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