5 Things I’ve Learned Since Shaving My Head

  1. Everyone will ask about the “why”. “Are you going through a rough time? Is something wrong? Is that why you did something so crazy?”
  2. You’ll get some looks. More or less depending on how dramatic or drastic the change is.
  3. You’re gonna get some comments. Some are compliments, while some are backhanded attempts at compliments. Then there are those people who will outright insult you, whether thy know it or not… Yeah, fuck them.
  4. You’ll get called “brave”. Because changing your hair is the bravest thing you can do. Can you sense how sincere I am?
  5. It doesn’t really matter. Shave your head, grow out your hair, buy a wig (or two or three), dye your hair every color imaginable. It’ll grow back. Or maybe it won’t. Your hair (or lack thereof) doesn’t define you. Have fun with it.

For my friend, Beau. I know you can rock the look too.

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