2018: My Toughest Year


This most recent break/hiatus of mine was not planned. It wasn’t even wanted. But it was something I desperately needed. I needed this time to think about some things and I wasn’t really ready to talk about them yet. Which meant I didn’t really have anything I wanted to share here and the one thing I don’t want to do is post just to say I posted. 

So, yeah. I decided to take a break.

Simple enough to see why, you read the title and I don’t think I’m alone. Like the title says, this has been my hardest year of my life so far.

My mental health began a downhill plummet. I was more anxious and depressed and my panic attacks became more frequent. I’ve been so completely exhausted and burnt out.

But I can’t say 2018 was all bad.

I laughed a lot and had fun.

I met some new people that would quickly become really important to me.

I learned new skills.

I started socializing again.

I got a dog that never fails to cheer me up.

I’m getting better at asking for help, no matter how slow going that may be.

I started therapy again.

Already a good start in my opinion.

I have a bad habit of fixating on the bad but I don’t want to start 2019 like that. I can be too jaded and cynical and I think that’s something that really drained me this year. And while I’m still trying to nail this whole balancing act I making progress.

So here’s to wiping the slate clean.

I have so many ideas and projects and things I want to do in 2019, so let’s hit the ground running. What do you say? Because I’m ready to kick ass this year.

Happy New Year!


Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

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