Separating Anxieties

I have to learn how to separate my nonsense anxiety from real life worries.

You might think that would be easy.

But for someone with anxiety and that neat little habit of over-analyzing, it can be a lot to really sort through and process. I’m sure at least one of you reading this feels the same way.

However, one thing I’ve learned is that you can’t even begin the process if you don’t take a step back. So here are a few things that might help you process your anxiety and filter out the things that really don’t matter.

  1. Is this something that is going to impact you right away? And I mean right this second. If it isn’t, if it’s something you need to keep in mind for the next week or even a month, then table it for another time. You will have time to deal with it, I promise.
  2. Is this something that you have control over in any way? If the answer is yes, then think about exactly how much control you have and try to put in the effort to make things go how you want them to. If the answer is no, then stop worrying. Some things are so far out of your control that it’s a waste of energy to worry about them. Sometimes things will happen and you have to roll with the punches as best you can. That’s just how crazy and unpredictable life can be, so make the most out of it.
  3. This one might not apply to everyone but for those of you who are like me then you might benefit from writing things down. Whether it’s in a journal or a planner, maybe you have a white/chalk board. Hell, use refrigerator letter magnets. However you choose to do it just make a visual representation of your worries. Things you need to deal with now, things you’ll need to deal with in the future, and things that your anxiety says you need to worry about but is actually nonsense. Sometimes just seeing things this way can change how you feel and lessen your anxiety.

These are just a few things that have helped me understand my anxiety and how to overcome the walls I’ve built because of it. They might not help everyone but if it resonates with even one person then that’s enough for me.

Until next time x

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