Committing to Change

It’s really hard to make changes in your life. Like, it’s really fucking hard. 

But it’s possible.

I have the tendency to set goals for myself, things that I want to reach to become “better”; whatever “better” may be at the time. But I also tend to set those goals at an achievable level which only makes me more frustrated and unhappy with my less-than-perfect results. So I fall off the wagon and end up giving up on my goal.

The trick is scaling back your expectations.

Don’t say you’ll work out for an hour every day if you’re just getting back to fitness. Because chances are you’ll do well for a little while then lose motivation. Start with twenty minutes (like me!). Have a fitness buddy who will motivate you. And, if you’re in a position to, join a program that will allow you to keep yourself accountable.

Don’t say you’re going to write 10,000 words for your novel in each writing session. Again, portion out your time. Try writing for ten minutes. See how your writing flows, don’t force yourself to write just to write. Push yourself, of course. But don’t make yourself miserable just for a word count goal.

Don’t say you’re going to clean your entire house and do all your chores in one day. Start with making your bed. Clean one corner of your room. Then your desk. Organize your closet. Take it one task at a time and at the end of the day look back and realize how much you’ve accomplished.

I feel like there’s this mindset that if you don’t go all out from the very beginning then you aren’t “doing it right”. But there isn’t one right way to achieve your goals. As cliche as that sounds, it’s true.

Build yourself up little by little. Take the time to really commit yourself to whatever your current goal is and when you’ve hit that goal, kick it up a notch.

Until next time x

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

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